Dining at PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center

Beginning with the most important meal of the day, PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center starts guests off right with a handful of nutritiously satisfying options certain to make anyone feel at home. Whether you prefer a breakfast filled with eggs, bacon, and biscuits, or fresh fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff gets you on track to choosing the types of meals that are both tasty and beneficial to your recovery. Designed by a licensed dietician, our menu keeps balance and health in mind at every corner. If you have specific dietary restrictions or requests, our team is more than happy to make adjustments or additions to your meals accordingly.

Continuing on through lunch and into dinner, our meals maintain a balance between optimal nutrition and home-style taste. Served restaurant style, guests can enjoy the company of one another while dining on a rotation of weekly salads, sandwiches, hot entrées, and protein-rich plates. Throughout the day, we also offer a variety of soup and salad combinations, as well as fresh fish, chicken, and steak prepared in a variety of ways.

PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center


6312 N Portland Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Dining at PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center in Oklahoma City, OK

Home-Cooked Meals

We know how difficult it can be for guests to be away from the comforts of home and family for an extended period of time. We emphasize shared meals and sprinkle some traditional Oklahoman dishes throughout our menu. Whether enjoying a snack between meals or settling down for one of our freshly prepared main courses, our guests always have the opportunity to participate in gathering over a shared, home-cooked meal.