Skilled Nursing

Thanks to our dedicated and caring staff, PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center provides guests with top-notch skilled nursing services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With more than 20 licensed therapists, including full-time and on-call nurses and on-site medical professionals, we help your loved one transition back home, or into an assisted living community, within 35-45 days of admission. Through our comprehensive and integrated skilled nursing services, we consistently inspire, innovate, and raise the industry standard.

From day one, our skilled nursing care involves family input. From there, we maintain flexibility, altering care programs based on an individual’s current medical and emotional needs. Our range of skilled nursing services encompasses:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Restorative therapy
  • X-rays and lab facilities
  • Physician services
  • Social services
  • Dietary requirements
  • Consulting services

PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center


6312 N Portland Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Skilled nursing at PARCway Post Acute Recovery Center in Oklahoma City

We're Here to Make Things Easier for You

We want to make the decision-making process as simple as possible for you and your family. Our trained administrative staff is ready to answer all your questions. From the smallest of inquiries to the largest, we’re here to make things easier on you. When it comes to Medicare, we are aware of the difficulties that can arise when trying to navigate the various payer sources and costs associated with keeping a family member in short-term care. As a result, we remain sensitive to the questions and concerns of our guests and their families, taking care to answer everything thoroughly and with the utmost patience.

Whether you're with us for several days or several weeks, our knowledgeable and caring staff strives to exceed expectations for everyone we serve. And, unlike other short-term care facilities, our post-acute recover center offers an on-site medical doctor who specializes in the geriatric population, and holds office on site three days a week. Guests have the opportunity to see an on-site medical doctor on a weekly basis, meaning nothing goes overlooked.